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Aviation life is all about progress. Innovative new technologies are developed, and fleet sizes change as new aircraft types are introduced and others are discontinued. The all-important question nevertheless remains: who is clearing the warehouses and stations while increasing the value of all assets in stock?  

We are. 

As an independent service provider, our approach at Ajatus embraces project management, which includes both the documentation side (NIS, B2B, discrepancy analysis, ERP inventory clearing), as well as the physical aspects (such as the sale of stations, logistics and customs) and commercial handling. Alongside our partners, we also help use engine greentime, avoiding expensive shop visits at the last hour.  

For all remaining assets, we effectively market all inventory for airlines and MROs – no matter if we’re talking engines, rotables, or C&E. In close coordination with our clients, we conduct focused marketing using our own specific tools, and ensure that you always remain in control of the procedure and timeline. By doing so, we secure the best value for your assets while empowering you to efficiently manage the operation. 

Based on our extensive experience, our structured asset remarketing is far better than a simple listing on traditional web platforms or through consignment. While RFQs on such websites may lead to the quick sale of attractive parts, significantly large amounts remain unsold, and while consignment agreements may allow material to be cleared quickly, the sale is often time-consuming and complex. 

On the other hand, the Ajatus way is ultra-streamlined and efficient. Once each project wraps up, all materials and tools are sold, including the rotables in the repair cycle or those still stored at MROs. All stocks are fully booked, and where needed, specific MRO contracts are efficiently terminated. 

With the Ajatus touch, your new fleet gets all the attention it deserves.

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